Current Salary Cap And Payroll

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Boston Celtics Salary Cap and Payroll Details

Current Salary Cap and Payroll

As of now, the Boston Celtics possess a team payroll of $136,021,000, while the current salary cap is yet to be determined for the upcoming season. This indicates that the Celtics are currently under the cap and have some financial flexibility to make roster adjustments.

Salary Cap History

The Celtics have a rich history of managing their salary cap effectively. Over the years, they have consistently navigated the complexities of the NBA's salary cap rules to assemble competitive teams while staying within financial constraints.

Largest Guarantee

Currently, the largest guaranteed salary on the Celtics' roster belongs to Jaylen Brown, who is set to earn $30,000,000 in the 2023-24 season. This reflects his status as one of the team's most important players and the Celtics' commitment to retaining his services.

2023-2024 Salary Cap Space

With their current salary situation, the Celtics have some cap space available for the upcoming free agency period. This gives them the opportunity to pursue additional talent to bolster their roster and contend for a championship. However, they will need to carefully manage their cap space to ensure they don't exceed the salary cap limit.

Exceptions and Draft Picks

The Celtics also have access to various salary cap exceptions, which provide them with additional flexibility in roster construction. These exceptions allow them to sign players beyond the salary cap in certain limited circumstances. Additionally, the Celtics possess several draft picks for the upcoming draft, which they can use to add young talent to their team.

Roster and Salary Details

For a detailed breakdown of the Boston Celtics' roster, salary, and salary cap information, refer to the following link: [Insert link to official Celtics salary cap table]